Renewable energy

ICASEA supports the CORE Initiative, which mission is to enable resilient rural and peri-urban communities by ensuring safety, efficiency and reliability become the cornerstone of decentralized electrification.
Capacity Building For Installers and System Designers for Solar PV Rooftop Installations
With financial support from APEC, ICA led the development of training curriculum for installers and system designers for solar rooftop PV.
Human Resource Development on Solar Rooftop PV project
ICASEA is supporting Thailand’s ambitious target of 100 MW of solar rooftop PV by 2030 by working with DEDE on a developing a national training and certification program for solar rooftop PV designers and installers.
Integrated Energy Solutions in Agro-Farming Pilot Phase in Shrimp Farming
The project proposed a holistic approach to improve the efficiency of the energy supply and energy use in shrimp farms by combining solar PV systems and energy efficient (EE) pump sets.