Copper Applications and Innovations

  1. Copper is the only metal other than gold whose natural beauty has inspired architects, artists and designers to create unique masterpieces and artworks.
  2. Every decent restaurant or chef has a set of splendid copper wares in the kitchen; this is especially true in Europe.
  3. The top five copper palaces in China are located in Wudang Mountain Hubei Province, Mingfeng Mountain Yunnan Province, Wutai Mountain Shanxi Province, Wanshou Mountain, Summer Palace in Beijing and Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou which is enlisted in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  4. Over 400 copper alloys are in use today. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, aluminum, silicon, and beryllium.
  5. Copper Rotor Motors showcase the superior energy efficiency of copper which provides the best solution for motor efficiency improvement. This lends itself to the replacement of older less efficient ones. 
  6. Over 60% of copper is used in cable and wiring. This includes use in the the areas of power generation, transmission, distribution and also industrial equipment and building wire. Their use ensures the safety of, high efficiency in and stability of the electrical system.
  7. Copper is the best conductor for electronics and communications systems and equipment.
  8. With outstanding thermal conductivity, copper is broadly used in air-conditioners, various kinds of water heaters (solar, gas and heat pump) and refrigerants.
  9. In Chile, antimicrobial copper is widely incorporated. For example it is commonly used on handles in the metro, Surfaces of school desks and critical hospital surface and facilities strategically apply it as well.
  10. In China, copper is used in water dispensers, air-con fins and filters and fish net wire where its antimicrobial properties can be of most benefit. 
  11. Copper is also essential for battery thermal management systems for electric bicycles, electric cars and buses.