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Energy consumption by air-conditioners accounts for 20% of the national total. Technological improvements and energy efficiency upgrades in them bring tremendous benefits to the power industry, society and environment. ICA has been encouraging the government to increase the minimum energy efficiency performance ratings (MEPs) and labels in China and create incentives to purchase products with favorable MEPs and labeling. 

In the other hand, Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce material costs and refrigerant use in systems. To address this need, a research team supported by ICA developed the MicroGroove® technology platform. This platform utilizes small diameter (≤ 5 mm) inner-grooved copper tubes, heat exchanger design and air conditioning system optimization software, and an improved heat exchanger manufacturing process. Based on the superior performance of MicroGroove®, ICA has influenced air conditioning system manufacturers to migrate utilizing its designs. These heat exchangers result in reduced use of tube and fin materials and refrigerants, contributing to an overall reduction in system cost. 

Copper product and technology bring better performance, energy efficiency, long life span to consumers. To serve this purpose, ICA also created Copper Inside brand with unified promotional strategy across Asia. Project activities include market intelligence, promotion of copper-favoring technology and market branding with OEMs.